LMF Consulting Group: The Digital Marketing Agency Made For People

Bringing the art of connection and targeted campaigns to generate the best leads for YOUR business.

Clients LOVE us!

Since our inception in 2010, we have serviced over 75 businesses in 15 states and two countries! 

You Build Relations, We Bring In The Leads

As a business owner, your job is to make sure that your team delivers on customer service and implementation. Our job is to bring your more leads to keep your team busy.

Have a Complete Lead Generation System!

We don't just throw up a website or landing page and hope for the best. We create conversion-specific systems to get you leads-fast!

We Back Up Our Work

When working with us, we will provide you with a detailed (yet easy to read) report, plus suggestions for improvements every month.

Automation- With A Human Touch

Every lead system we create will have a human's touch at each step. However, you will get leads on autopilot. 

No Surprises

We provide this system at one monthly (or quarterly) fee. No surprise bills!

The Perfect Lead Generation System

This is the system that we created for ourselves and our clients! Here's what you get:

Custom Website or Landing Page

Depending on your needs, we will create a landing page or website to send your leads to.

Email Marketing

We will create profitable email marketing sequences to entice and nurture your leads to turn them into buyers.

Tracking Info

You will get custom tracking information and data. You will always know where your leads are coming from.

Paid Ads

Targeted traffic is the best traffic. We will run ads to get you in front of your correct audience. Wasted traffic= Wasted money.

Promising Positive Results.



This Is Your Chance To Get Your Own Lead Generation System

No more hoping for the right leads. No more cold calls.